Ship of 4

Ship of 4 is a local and online coop game where 1 to 4 players work together to operate a spaceship by running around and activating rooms on the ship. You can play all together at one computer with keyboard and controller compatibility or online or a combination of both, and don’t worry if there are not 4 of you there are AI players to help you out.

Screenshots :
Ship of 4 screenshot Ship of 4 screenshot Ship of 4 screenshot Ship of 4 screenshot
Video :
Features :
  • Online play through Steam's invite system.
  • Unlock tree so you can specialize what rooms you have.
  • Unlockable ships with different stats and layouts.
  • Customise your ship by adding rooms you have unlocked.
Detailed description :

The simple controls make the game easy to pick up and quick to start playing with your friends. There are only 4 buttons; up, down, left and right, which move the player around the ship to the various rooms which control different aspects of the ship (guns, shields etc) it’s up to you to decide which takes priority when the aliens attack!

There are so many combinations of upgrades as you unlock different rooms and ships with our expansive skill tree. This encourages people to take on specific tasks around the ship as they specialise in certain skills.

A game where you must make real time decisions and prioritise your efforts to help your team, fans of FTL / Lovers in Dangerous Spacetime / Galaxy Trucker / Artemis will enjoy this!

Progress :
  • Basic engine - 80%
  • Netcode - 50%
  • Enemies - 60%
  • Story / Levels / Content - 0%
  • Unlocks (new rooms and ships) - 30%
  • Menus - 0%
  • Settings - 0%
Platform :

Steam - Windows, Mac, Linux (coming soon)

About the Game:
1-4 player
By David Strachan and Dex Cimino