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Undercrewed is a local and online Co-op game where 1 to 4 players work together to operate a spaceship by running around and activating rooms on the ship. You can play all together at one computer with keyboard and controller or online or even a combination of both. Don’t worry if there are not 4 of you there are AI players to help you out, you can even play single player.

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Undercrewed screenshot Undercrewed screenshot Undercrewed screenshot Undercrewed screenshot Undercrewed screenshot Undercrewed screenshot

As the last survivors you and your friends must work together to fly your own customisable spaceship. With local/online co-op and hundreds of unique ship components to build your ship, teamwork is essential to figure out the best way to survive your journey!

Undercrewed Spaceships

Undercrewed customise your ship

Making a spaceship that fits your play style is key. Some teams will want a ship with loads of guns, some teams will want a tactical ship that can adapt to every situation. Deciding how much of your spaceship you want to dedicate to shields, repair droids or holographic medics will change how you and your team play the game.

Undercrewed build your ship Undercrewed ship types

We love gamepads but we know not everyone has one, if you fancy getting much closer to your friends everyone can play on the same keyboard. The whole campaign is designed to be played with your friends so any combination of keyboard, controllers and online play works.

Undercrewed Game
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The simple controls make the game easy to pick up and quick to start playing with your friends. There are only 4 buttons; up, down, left and right, which move the player around the ship to the various rooms which control different aspects of the ship (guns, shields etc) it’s up to you to decide which takes priority when the aliens attack!

How to play Undercrewed

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A game where you must make real time decisions and prioritise your efforts to help your team, fans of FTL / Lovers in Dangerous Spacetime / Galaxy Trucker / Artemis will enjoy this!

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Keymailer: keymailer.co/g/games/57458

dodistribute: dodistribute.com/access/AzhNc0K237/

Thanks to these people who I gave a preview of the game to:
Co-Optimus SandBoxGang Space Game Junkie FalsePhoenix
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Steam - Windows, Mac, Linux (coming soon)

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1-4 player
By David Strachan and Dex Cimino