Example Screen Transitions for Computer Games and Films.

When making a game ages ago I spent a long time trying to research good screen transitions I could use without finding any that really suited the style I was looking for. Since then I have been obsessed that whenever I am watching a movie or playing a game and I see a unique transition I add it to my catalogue of room transitions. I have made them available here for you in the hopes that it can help inspire any projects you are working on.

If you have any ideas for transitions I can add do contact me so I can program them up and add them.

Lots of people seem to know these as PowerPoint transitions.

These are all programmed in GameMaker where they are transitions between rooms.

Mouse over to view.
Overlapping images:
Bar Wipe
Blob Wipe
Circle Wipe
Spiral In (Mario Sunshine)
CRT Monitor
Pie Half Screen
Like Fighting Game
Voronoi breaking up
Na na na na (Batman)
Circle In (Star Wars)
Dropping Bars (Doom)
Sliding Halves (TwoTap)
Quarters Sliding Diagonally (Pokemon)
(Sci-fi doors)
Alternating Bars (Pokemon)
Dissolve Squares In (Escape Goat)
Growing Diagonal Squares (Mario Maker)
Spiral In (Rayman Legends)
Fade to Black
Slide in Bounce
Swipe Left
White Out Dip
Seeing two rooms at the same time: (Basic)
Fade Down
Minimise Down
Minimise Curl
Remove Pin (Pivot Whole)
Rotate Drop (Pivot And Fall)
Pivot Halves In
Pivot Quarters Out
Quarters Sliding Diagonally
Skew Behind
Pixelated Slide
Squeeze Down
In From Top and Bottom
Tear Screen
Squished Streaks
Squirted Out
Diagonal slide (Anime style)
Bars from top and bottom
Photocopy Swipe
Seeing two rooms at the same time: (Advanced)
Double Doors
Rotate Cube
(Click for Guide)
Stacking Bars
Stomp Down
Many Spinning Blocks
Shatter Physics Squares
Departure Boards
Cogs (great for settings page)
Cogs See Through(great for settings page)
Spinning Square (punch through to see new room)
Zipping Screens
Objects spawning ontop:
Tape Over
Black Spinning Blocks
Stars Cover
Oblique Squares Inwards
Pie Clock Face
Pie Double
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